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Welcome to Graham

Friends of Graham Bishop.  For a monthly subscription of €12 (inc. VAT), ‘Friends’ have access to any or all of the following:

  • Friends weekly e-mail with news about EU Economics and Financial Regulation (Thursdays)
  • Forthcoming Conferences and Hearings
  • KeyEUdocs – key economic statistics of the EU
  • Grid of the week - EU institutions
  • Graham’s extended Blogs
  • Direct link to Graham’s public articles and tweets
  • Monthly Roundups
  • Eurobill updates
    • and, of course, the Public Archives


For a further €12 each (inc. VAT), ‘Friends’ may add two of our Education and Learning products both of which are likely to qualify as CPD.

Separately Graham has a Series of Lectures on the Foundation of EU Financial Services Regulation >>>


In the next few years, your business will face many risks, but these will also be opportunities for the well-informed.  

`Brexit’: A country that is haemorrhaging influence in Europe and is also addicted to capital inflows to sustain its living standards will be at grave risk from a rising perception of possible Brexit – let alone the reality. If you do business in (and with) Britain, you must work through the implications of the Prime Minister's risky strategy to achieve his definition of “reform” – leading on to a referendum that could yet see Britain exit the EU.

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Consultancy Financial Services Deepening EMU Education and Learning

In these times of unprecedented uncertainty over the deepening of EMU, Graham Bishop brings his own unique perspective on where we are now, and how new regulations and risks could affect the financial services industry in the future. 

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Graham's Services include:

  • Corporate Advisor to Banks & Hedge Funds: Graham provides regular support to a limited number of major banks, hedge funds and financial institutions. (Fees may be paid via a MiFID-Compliant Commission Sharing Arrangement)
  • Private Briefings: A private meeting for corporate risk managers on the general situation or on areas of specific interest.
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